Is laughter the best medicine? Or Flowers?

???????????????????????????????Today, I was going to skip the flowers. My mother came home from the hospital with a big oxygen compresser and a 50 foot tube attached. For the past 48 hours, she has had to wear it night and day…all the time. I called one of the stores that I go to and said that today I was involved with my mother’s doctor’s appointment and just adjusting to the new apparatus.

The store representative said, “Oh no, I have lots of pretty orange and pink potted plants and six bags of flowers. Probably 100 in all.”

It was pouring rain. I took my mother and her portable oxygen tank and went to get the beautiful bounty. Then I went to a senior housing complex on Broad Street.  It was a free for all…….free flowers, free joy and free happiness floating around on a rainy day.

The people in the lobby, in the health clinic, in the offices, in the activity room, the ladies doing chair yoga……took me 8 minutes, in and out.

I am going to take them to my son’s grave.

My grandson gave me flowers for my birthday last week and I just emptied the vase this morning. I can re-fill it right now.

I am going up to visit my mother. She is 82.

Oh, I love when you bring these flowers to us.

The flowers were great medicine for all of us today. A rainy day outing for my mother and a way to try out the portable oxygen tank that just lasts for 2 and a half hours. Medicine for me, a tad overwhelmed and for the hundred people who got a dose of sunshine on a raining cats and dogs Thursday afternoon!

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