In the spirit of flowery friendship, why of course, I will bring flowers.

When you are the Flower Lady, you try your best to bring sun, fun and flowers with you on the random acts of flowers route.  Conversation is happy when you wander about a nursing home.

On” Happy Flower Day”, there is no talk about pain, muscle strain, cramps or sadness. The focus is on the surprise of something that enriches the day of our elders.

As I was saying goodbye after delivering 47 bouquets of cheer and potted pink and orange potted plants,   a resident stopped me.

“There is a lady here and she does not have family or visitors and her 99th birthday is coming up. Or it might be her 100th. I am not sure about that. The staff and the residents are going to try to make it special for her – so she is not sad on her birthday. Do you think you could bring flowers that day for us?”

In the spirit of flowery friendship and momentous occasions, you don’t have to ask me twice!  I wouldn’t miss the chance to bring a  gladiolus of gladness, a rainbow of roses, and flowery fun.

And maybe we will all share some colorful birthday memories as varied as the colors of the beautiful bouquets. Blooms for the birthday gal and all of her friends.….you can bet my beloved blooms that I will be there.



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