The sale of the Team of Angels pins helps to fund the Happy Flower Day Project.

Are you overwhelmed?
Do you know someone who could use a Team of Angels to help them in their time of need? Maybe that “someone” is you?

Patricia Gallagher can help. Patricia created a pin which she called a Team of Angels. The pin is attached to a bookmark or card printed with a poem of encouragement. The three angels stand for Peace in our homes, Peace in our hearts and Peace in our world.

When our troops went to Kosovo and then in the Middle East, she created a poem to cheer them up and offer support to their families. Then with the help of chaplains in the U.S. Armed Forces overseas, she sent 5,000 pins to the troops. She continued to spread her words of encouragement throughout her community by donating 2,500 more to local hospitals and women’s groups.

She even left a basket on her front porch so that anyone feeling overwhelmed could stop by and take one. After writing close to 300 Team of Angels poems and because of the great response, the Gallagher family turned the Team of Angels project into a family business.

These one of a kind tokens of encouragement are a simple way “to be an angel” every day.

The team of angel pins, attached to a full-color card/bookmark, feature inspirational messages.

· Proudly made in the USA
· Great for giving – church hospitality, events, fundraisers, school spirit, support groups, special occasions
· A gift for not only the people you love and care about – perfect to carry in your purse, briefcase or pocket
· You might just see someone who needs a Team of Angels to help with their special need – A Team of Angels to the Rescue.

Excerpt: Article in Woman’s World magazine. May 16, 2000.
Sometimes, it’s the little things that help us through the toughest times – a thoughtful card, a token of love. And no one knows better than Patricia Gallagher, whose little gifts are spreading hope and happiness all over the world.
When life seems overwhelming, some of us lean on family and friends. Then there are folks who turn to Patricia Gallagher. Every day, from her Philadelphia suburb home in Pennsylvania, Trisha sends hope to troubled souls – on the wings of a trio of angels.

A mother of four, Trisha knew what it felt like to be overwhelmed. More than once she’d prayed for an angel to help her. One day, when her heart was heavy with worry, Trisha knew that it would take more than one angel to get her through the pain.

That night, she poured her feelings onto paper:

I need a team of angels – Lord
I don’t think one will do
Please send me all the help from high
For what I’m going through.

Guardians to watch over me
And help my soul to cope
I’ll do the best I can to pray
And cherish gifts of faith and hope.

The next day, Trisha attached three little angels to a pin and fastened it to the poem. She made lots of them and gave them to friends. The consensus was, “Oh, Trisha. These gifts truly lift spirits.”

Inspired, Trisha began making lots of pins. Whenever she came across someone struggling, she gave them one. Soon, she had so many requests, she needed her own team to help make the pins – but hiring help would be expensive.

Will my little pins really help people enough to make it worthwhile? She wondered.

She needed advice – and decided to ask the nuns at the local monastery. “You’re doing a wonderful thing,” the nuns told her. “We’ll pray for you.”

With such divine backing how could she not continue? So, Patricia found a manufacturer to produce her pins and ordered 10,000. Wherever she went, she dropped one off – in mailboxes, in hospital waiting rooms, in phone booths. She received thousands of letters that echoed ‘Your pin helped me through tough times.’

Then, after her husband was laid up with an illness, the angels returned the blessing. Trying to help with expenses, Trisha thought, “Maybe people wouldn’t mind paying a few dollars for the angels. Then a newspaper ran a story about her pins and requests began pouring in!

Today, Trisha’s angels are spreading joy all over the world.

“This has been a blessing for everyone the angels touch,” she marvels.

Patricia spreads hope….on the wings of angels!

Patricia welcomes interviews and speaking engagements. Hear the amazing stories of a Team of Angels helped Patricia’s family and others.

Thank you for helping to support the Happy Flower Day project by the purchase of the Team of Angels pins and poems.

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