It was a great day.

Can you imagine going into Fox Chase Cancer Center with 100 bouquets of beautiful flowers  and little potted plants – all donated to me each morning by Trader Joe’s?  We walk in unannounced and unexpected.

Today, the receptionist took me under her wing and found a big gray cart with shelves. The receptionist  placed a lot of my flowers on her desk and in a bag  (about 20 petals and blooms) so that people coming in for chemo treatments and those leaving after treatments could select something pretty.  And we piled bags of flowers onto the gray cart.

Another employee “volunteered” to walk down hallway after hallway with me…..chanting as we passed out the flowers, “Happy Flower Day.”

In about 15 minutes, the cart was empty,  the volunteer employee went back to work and I went home. It was a great day! And the bouquets brought the surprise of flowers to so many people!

Comment received this morning from a high school friend:

“My sister Mary spent a lot of time at Fox Chase being treated for pancreatic cancer…she passed in Jan. 2012 but the people there were great. So glad you were able to bring some smiles to the patients faces,”

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