Would you take some to my father at Saint Joseph’s Home?

Snippets of the conversations while passing out the flowers at Fox Chase Cancer Center:

“Patricia, have you ever gone to the nursing home next to Holy Redeemer Hospital? My father is getting depressed. He is in there for rehab but we all know the next step is staying there. I was up until 1 am this morning cooking foods that he likes. It is hard for the patient and it is so hard on the caregiver too.”

“I can’t believe you are bringing all of these flowers here. You are not going to believe this. One of my co-workers just completed her treatments and I was supposed to bring in the flowers for our office celebration. My plan was to go to Produce Junction  on my way to work to purchase them and I completely forgot with my mind filled with something going on with my neighbors.  Somebody told me that there was a lady with flowers with a cart of flowers out in the lobby. I came out to “buy” them from you since I thought you were somebody selling them. And here you are giving them away.”

“You don’t know how much this means to everybody here. Not only the patients but the staff. This is a hard job being around so much sickness. Family members, patients, staff – we are all in this together and then when someone out of the blue does something nice like this, it changes the whole atmosphere for the rest of the day. All of our days are brightened right now. Just look at everybody smiling.”

“I am going to give them to my husband. He has been here for a long time and is not doing good.  Blood pressure issues, has a temperature, hates the IV tube, and all of the cancer issues. We both feel like giving up but we don’t talk about it with each other. He is just not himself anymore. He has had pneumonia and infections. I feel scared. So many different doctors and medicines. They still haven’t said when he can go home.”

I guess these fall bouquets are like a magic paint brush…..the flowers paint the rooms with happiness, in colors of crimson, scarlet, burgundy……..and a galaxy of other colors.

I wish that I could take the patients out for an nice walk in the woods on an autumn day. Unfortunately, that can’t happen.

The beautiful bouquets of nature’s riches might bring a little of autumn  into their rooms. I hope so!

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