Linda from Glenside made 40 beautiful tissue paper corsages for nursing home visit today.


Before we delivered fresh flowers, we made tissue paper corsages – 2,459 in all! Hung them on wheelchairs and walkers.

Hi Linda,

I stopped at your house today and saw the bags of paper corsages waiting for me on the porch. I had my mom, cousin, sister and a friend in the car so the car was filled.

We were coming home from Philadelphia and with all of ihe people in the car, it was crowded. I showed them all your beautiful flowers and then opened the trunk and put the flowers in there. (because there wasn’t any room at all in the car.)

When we got home, I opened the trunk and took out the plastic bags which were open because I had just showed your works of art to everyone. I put the flowers next to my van, on the ground…..and ran in to grab some stuff.

I heard the crew outside yelling GET THE FLOWERS. QUICK. It was so windy and the flowers were blowing all over the neighborhood, from one driveway to another. We all ran in different directions and found them all.

Picture this: my mother’s friend, Mary, age 85, chasing the wandering flowers!

Well, no damage happened and they looked perfect. I took them to Springfield to the Alzheimers group and they loved them. We tied most of the flowers to the wheelchairs and it just made everybody happy.

The room looked so much brighter with all of the tissue paper shades of bright colors. I am going to Ivy HIll near you, not this Sunday but the following one, if you would like to join me so you can see the little project as it unfolds…different every time. Thank you to you and your daughter for your amazing kindness and creativity!

With gratitude and admiration,

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