On a lovely Tuesday, met more than 65 lovely flower recipients!


I stopped at the Wells Fargo bank and saw a lady wearing a uniform.  I asked her if she worked at the Sunrise facility next door. She said that she was a one-on-one aide for a lady that did not come out of her room. Well, there goes bouquet 1 and 2 out of 65 bouquets.

The man pictured above was parked in the lot in his truck. “What about me? Don’t I get flowers?” So bouquet 3, 4 and 5 went to him. One for his daughter, one for his boss who was banking inside and one for himself.

I saw two ladies with walkers in the bank talking to the customer service representative. Out to the car to get three more. “Excuse me, every morning Trader Joe’s gives me their extra flowers and………”

Before I could finish, one of the ladies said, “Yes, I know all about your project. You brought flowers last month to my sister who lives at Brookside Nursing Home.  I was there the day that you came in with bags of flowers.”

I was a tad lost on my way to visit my Aunt Anne at a nursing home in New Jersey. I asked directions from a man at a WAWA. He patiently told me the details of how to get there. I handed him a bouquet of pink roses and explained that we were enroute to bring the flowers to the residents. He said, “My mother is in a nursing home.  She would love flowers.”

A little girl, dressed in her Sunday best, was walking into a mini-mart with her grandfather. I asked him if I could give her something for her mom, grand-mom, or aunt…….I showed him the bags of flowers and they selected three. One for mom, grand-mom and an aunt. The grand-mom was in a nursing home and they said that they were going to bring the yellow roses there to surprise her.

I was driving through Ambler and stopped at a nursing home with a bounty of 30 bouquets. I joined forces with the two activity employees who met me at the front desk. We made a surprise visit to 30 people sitting in the dining room. I sang Happy Flower Day (made up by me, of course)  to the tune of Happy Birthday and everyone spontaneously joined in the chorus! The fragrance of a room filled with flowers, smiles, color and surprise. Now, that’s what a call a great morning!


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