See for yourself! I can’t describe “Flower Power” in words.


“You made my day. I mean, you made my week. And it is only Tuesday!”

“Patricia, when you asked what advice I would give a young person, it is this. Live clean. Don’t lie. Don’t steal. I don’t what we are going to do about the kids today with the drugs.”

“We have been waiting since last Friday for you to come with the flowers!”

“It’s my birthday today. Thank you for the flowers. What a great present for me.”

“Can you leave six extra? There are some ladies that will be coming down from the third floor.”

“Oh, I always wear a flower in my hair. My CNA buys them for me at the Dollar Store.”

“Did you say that your Aunt Anne lives here? What room? Oh, 634. I will go down and tell her that it takes awhile to get adjusted. I have been here 7 years. You have to go to the activities and be sociable. It is not what any of us want but it comes with the old age. Can she get around?”

“I am so sorry that I got so emotional when you handed me the flag when we sang God Bless America. I am a Veteran. That is why I couldn’t help kissing the flag when you let me hold it.”

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