Heavenly helpers guided me for the past decade!

Patricia C. Gallagher

Cell: 267 939 0365




Team of Angels for the Overwhelmed

What started out as a personal-pick-me up has led Patricia Gallagher to found a business that has far exceeded her expectations.  Originally, Patricia, a former Montgomery County Community College instructor, took three tiny angel charms, hooked them to a gold safety pin and attached them to a card. The card had the inspirational poem she had written – A Team of Angels for the Overwhelmed.  As people noticed the trio of angels that she was wearing, she realized that her gift could help others in similar situations.  People were instructed to give them to others in bad situations and in need of hope.  She began making hundreds of them on her kitchen table and passed them on.

The three little gold angels’ mission is to provide comfort in the face of adversity, inspiration to tackle any struggle and healing when there is pain and grief.  Thousands of people have written to her telling of nights of waiting and worrying, final heartaches, paralyzing fear, sorrow, suffering and dark misfortune.

And in the midst of their suffering, someone gave them the gift of a Team of Angels.

Really and truly, when I wrote that poem, I was truly overwhelmed in my own life. I wanted something to help myself. I didn’t plan it to be a family business or ministry. I went to a local monastery and showed my pins to the sisters there. They suggested that I produce them and start sharing them with people who were in need of uplifting.”

Patricia took out a home equity loan and had 10,000 pins produced.

“I put 5,000 pins on my front porch, went to the local newspaper and invited people who wanted a pin or two to pick them up. The pins were gone in a week. The cards, letters and notes that were left were incredible and very moving. I donated the remaining 5,000 to U.S. Armed Forces serving in the Balkans, which were distributed by spouse groups and chaplains. I really didn’t plan on doing any more than that. I just wanted to brighten the day for anyone experiencing any kind of pain.”

And the letters kept coming. Somehow, hearing about other peoples’ problems and concerns, she said, made her worries pale in comparison.

“ I can’t tell you what it is like to know that my Team of Angels pins are uplifting so many people. We all say a prayer for the people when we open the letters. My father suggested that. We know what pain is like, what hurt really is. We feel like we have gotten a second chance. People used to knock on our door and tell us their story – and ask for a pin. One man was on his way to the hospital for surgery. After hearing some of their stories, I am so grateful for what I have. It makes me appreciate everything and everything in my life even more.”

And the gesture has spread all over the world. To date, over 125,000  Team of Angels pins have been distributed. Gallagher enlisted the help of her family but could no longer keep up with the demand.  Now, the pins are manufactured outside of her home.

Overjoyed with the positive feedback that she has received over the past decade, and grateful for the help that she received from Mr. Nat Matlin of the Lower Bucks SCORE office, Gallagher knows that she has had heavenly helpers guiding her with the business and an earthly helper – a  retired gentleman volunteer from Yardley, PA

Her family counts their own blessings while sending hope out to others on the wings of angels. From cancer-support groups to troubled teens, the pins have become so popular that the family’s adversity turned into a rewarding family business.  To purchase the pins, please visit www.teamofangels.com

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