“Not pretty anymore,” she said. But she was, inside and out.

It was raining cats, dogs and flowers today. I visited the first nursing home and gave them to 30 plus  people. I wondered today if this was going to be my last day of doing this. Every day I have the tolls  from Fort Washington to Willow Grove and all of the flower-pickups and deliveries. Beyond my budget. Genesis – Silver Stream, Chelsea House and Sunrise of Abington.

One hundred and twenty flowers passed out today to sprinkle joy into the  hearts of seniors as it poured outside.

Ginny was on a walker. “Can I please have one?” She held the bouquet of red roses close to her heart. I said, “You look like Miss America.”  She cried on my shoulder probably for thirty seconds. “Not any more, that young girl over behind the desk looks like Miss America. Not me. Not pretty anymore.” 

I leaned toward her and told her that I was planning to stop the Happy Flower Day Project today but because of her, I will continue it a little longer.

“Thank you for telling me that secret, Patricia. Please, please, please don’t stop making people like me smile. I never get flowers and I love them.”

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