This brightened my day!

John and Patricia,
First thank you for being so loving and caring enough to share your message with your book No More Secrets. I
received two of the Team of Angel pins via mail from you. Not sure how you got
our name and address but somehow it was divine. I am a volunteer at the
mental health clinic on the west coast. I have a son 27 years old
with Schizophrenia and I have depression/PTSD. We are both here as volunteers
because we too want to share our experience, help others, and commiserate with
other families to let them know they are not alone. Most of all there is no
shame. I needed the Team of Angels at this very moment in time to be reminded that if I ask God
for help, it will come. And it did. Thank you so very much for the pin. I
will wear this proudly and share your wonderful message with others. My biggest
prayer was answered; that people like yourself would reach out and love. I am
so blessed. Thank you.

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