“I would like to take a picture and put it in a frame,” he said.

Something for everyone! That is what I usually say when I go into a room. Sometimes, I have flowers, or stuffed animals or my Team of Angels pins. My mission: simply to use what I have to make people smile. And guess what? I smile all day too. No more ho-hum days for me!

The little bears that the residents are holding? They were made by the Good Bear Ladies at Wesley Enhanced Living in Doylestown. Three mornings a week, they gather to cut out the fabric, sew on the eyes, stuff the bears and then add a ribbon and a little greeting card that is attached. They made 8 bears and asked me to take them to another senior living community and share their
bear-y good get-well wishes. I found new adoptive parents for the bears in Montgomery County.



One man said, “I would like to take a picture and put it in a frame. This is a very happy sight here today.”

I think I saw a little bit of sparkle in everyones’ eyes today as they received the eye-catching blooms and leafy branches of the pretty Thanksgiving-themed bouquets.

Everyone seemed chatty and happy too. Every day I look forward to seeing the bounty that Trader Joe’s gives me. Who wouldn’t love being a Flower Lady?

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