My mornings are so colorful!


Need some flowery joy in your life?


I will tell you what is an instant perk-up for me and the people who receive flowers. This morning, my mother and I had to go to Boyertown for a meeting. On the way back, I had 27 bouquets in my car. I walked into the reception area of an assisted living and asked how many people lived there. She said that there were 58 residents eating lunch in the dining room. I walked into a pretty quiet room. I just went from table of four to table of four saying Happy Flower Day to each person as I handed them a bouquet. In about two minutes, I was out of flowers. Everybody looked up at me like “What is going on?”

I asked everyone to join me in singing Happy Flower Day to the lyrics of Happy Birthday. Then, I looked at the other 31 people and said that I would be back on Thursday or Friday with flowers for the people who still needed a little surprise of flowers. I must say that the flowers were a nice accessory to the dining area décor which was beautiful as it was. Just a bunch of extra colors to some extra nice ladies!

The photos below are from my visits last week. Because of the confidentiality and HIPPA regulations, I often take pictures of the nursing home and hospital staff rather than the patients or residents. 1384183959355








from phone 032





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