Flowers are a miraculous gift for me.

Do you ever lay in bed and not want to get up?
Does your head ache or your legs just don’t want to lift over the side of the bed?
Are you worried about your kids, money, health or the world in general?

None of that happens when you have a purpose. When you know that some people in a nursing home are looking forward to your visit.

“We have been waiting all week for you to bring the flowers.”

What do you love to do? One flower bouquet at a time. That is keeping me fit, happy, healthy and a focus for my day. This new chapter in my life feels so good. An activity director told me that 60 percent of her residents do not have visitors.

This is an email that I received:

For many months I’ve been considering volunteering as a visitor for a nursing home but had put it off with just excuses about time. Your touching quotations from those you’ve visited reminds me of the need to share even a little time with those who are so often neglected and put aside. God bless you for all the wondrous love you are sharing.

Just received this from an administrator of a senior living community asking for a re-visit with the flowers for the second and third floor.

This facility is one of the “swankiest ever.” This is what the administrator said to me:

If you can return on 12/23 (or a date close to it), that would be fantastic. If not, maybe sometime in the beginning of January when pick-me-ups are often needed after the holidays are over. We have some residents who do not have anyone that comes to visit over the holidays or at anytime and I want to make sure that they get something….a bouquet of flowers – Just because…………. I hope you have a wonderful Flower Day!

Take care,

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