RX for the “blues” – just what the doctor ordered – with flowers?

from current phone 077CAM004711384373577188from current phone 066Oh, there are all kinds of remedies for sagging spirits. I like this one the best. Doesn’t cost a thing. Don’t have to worry about changing your diet. No referral needed. You don’t even have to go out to pick it up at the pharmacy. FLOWERS THAT ARE FREE FOR ALL.

Trader Joe’s flowers are at your service. I love doing this because it is win-win-win for everyone. Fun for me. A surprise for the residents and Trader Joe’s gets to feel good too knowing that they are making others feel happy.


“Patricia, there is another nursing home down the street. Can you take some to them?”

“Patricia, have you thought about taking them to cemeteries? Well, I am just thinking that because I wish I could take them to my husband’s grave.”

“Miss Gallagher, I am going on the Para-Transit bus. Do you have a few extra in case there are other passengers on the bus that I could give them to?”

“I am going to save these for me ex-wife. She is going to come to visit me around Christmas time. If I take good care of them and keep watering them, maybe they will stay fresh. She really likes red flowers and I know she will love these. It is only November 14th so I will really have to work hard to keep them alive for her.”

I go into WAWA everyday, which is a market in the PA area. I always give bouquets to seniors that I see in the store, the parking lot……or really at any place that I go during the day. Bank. Burger King. Mall.

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