Flowers on the move to Warminster, Malvern and Schwenksville today!

13844482876091384448414628138444867365013844561146621384456165824I think maybe The Happy Flower Day Project may put a little fun into the day for the staff of senior living communities too.

We give bouquets to everybody – housekeeping, CNA’s, nurses, social workers and they can pass them out to their residents. And we go along for the flowery ride too. Due to HIPPA regulations, we can not take photos of most of the residents. How it works: We pick up the flowers every morning and just spend the day doing “random acts of flowers.” The flowers say, “You are appreciated. You are beautiful. You are noticed. You are nice. Someone is thinking of you right now.” Some days, it is super fast. In and out in 20 minutes and then days like today….hours…talking to the residents and staff and passing out the glorious blooms bursting with beautiful colors!





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