Why flowers? Good idea……a little dose of happy feelings!

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Life in a nursing home? Everyone wants their loved one to be safe, take their medications on schedule, and eat nutritious meals. And receive a surprise bouquet of sweet fragrances of floral beauty? Faces brighten with big smiles.

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Today:A lady was crying. She appeared to be about 88. I asked, “Are you alright?”

“No, my world was decimated today. My father left us again and he is not coming back. My mother said that he will never come back to us. I am struggling to imagine him not coming back to see me.”

That was not reality. Her father was long gone. Her perception was her reality and she was heartbroken. I have been thinking of her all night. When you are feeling bad, don’t you want someone to just hold you and tell you that everything will be okay?

There are millions of people who miss someone holding their hand and their hearts……so many people no longer have friends or relatives that visit.

As I walked out, I thought wouldn’t it be nice if someone was just playing the harp or a group of singers were strolling down the hallways singing hymns on a Sunday afternoon?

What’s missing in the places that I visit? From my perspective, it is the loss of touch. Loss of a good hug. Loss of a kiss from a loved one.

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