Visiting someone in a nursing home? Little things matter.

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It is a wonderful way to start my day. One of the sales associates from Trader Joe’s helps me put the bags of flowers into my car. And then off to deliver the flowers.

The young man and woman in the photo were on their way to visit their father. I met them in the parking lot. They were thrilled to have a little gift to bring him.

Just picture for a minute not being able to swallow, not able to talk, lift your head, not able to walk………the grandma that used to make cookies and wrap birthday presents is now sitting alone in a room by herself – worried, scared, sad.

So maybe a simple bouquet really is something that can brighten even a minute in a very long day.

I just read that 42 percent of the nursing home residents suffer from some sort of dementia. (National Survey of Residential Care Facilities.)

And why do I like to make sure that the nursing home staff get a bouquet of appreciation?

The wages of many of the people who are caring for our loved ones are very low. Some as little as $8.50 an hour.

Little things mean a lot to staff and residents!

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