Petals with a Purpose – A little bouquet is good for you!


Hmmmm… I guess my Flower Theory is very simple. Get flowers and give them away to folks living in long-term living communities. Just a way to celebrate the goodness of the seniors who spent their lives helping others.

Today was a bit complicated. In advance, I called my usual three Trader Joe’s locations and made arrangements to pick up the bounty of petals and blooms. The first place had 20 bouquets. When I got to store number 2, someone had accidentally thrown two carts of flowers away. Doggone it!

My face must have expressed extreme “crestfallen.” OMG, I have an assisted living facility looking forward to about 60 bouquets! At 1:30 pm.

The sales associate had some extra boxes of holly and berries that he could spare – he said they would be good for holiday decorating. He also gave me 4 beautiful Channukah bouquets.

Forty miles driven by 10 am. On to the next store, another 20 miles. They had 46 bouquets for me. Thank goodness. Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Another 15 miles to the assisted living that was expecting a flower visit. Construction going on so a half hour ride actually took an hour. Mild panic. What if I don’t get there by 1:30?

My car was packed from floor to ceiling with bags of colorful flowers and boxes of holly. I arrived on time.

And then about 40 miles to drive home.

The good news is that the petals fulfilled their purpose today – bringing a little surprise to all of the Grandmas who helped raise children, played board games, read bedtime stories and had tea parties with the grandkids. Beautiful ladies inside and out. And a few men too.

Why the petals and blooms?

Because….just because, everybody loves to feel special. Flowers carry a little message of caring.

Thank you, Trader Joe’s for caring so much. Over 8,000 bouquets donated to the Happy Flower Day project.

This is the FB posting that my friend posted after I brought the flowers to an assisted living community where her mother used to live. Her mother passed away last summer. Leigh wanted to share the flowers with her mother’s friends who still live there and with the compassionate caregivers.

I had the most unexpected and wonderful afternoon yesterday. My daughter Lauren and I attended a memorial service at Exton Senior Living for all of the residents that had passed away over the last 12 months, which included my Mother. My long time friend Trisha Gallagher brought 50 plus bouquets that she picked up from Trader Joe’s that we gave to the residents and staff. The memorial service was beautiful. More touching was the joy and smiles of the residents and staff as we passed out the flowers. Thank you to Trisha and Trader Joe’s. And a special thanks to the Exton Senior Living staff for such a special afternoon.

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