Flowers do the darndest things – who knew they could?

My tried and true method for having a great day! Delivering flowers which bring smiles to so many people. We often give the bags of bouquets to the staff of the nursing homes so they can have the thrill of passing them out. In the dementia units, they have to be selective because some of the residents will sadly try to put them in their mouth and some may be allergic to flowers and not know it.

It’s a really beautiful sight for me to watch them – staff and residents holding a bouquet. On Friday, we went into an assisted living. A long table was set up for a Thanksgiving luncheon. We got there just in time for the activity director to say that they could use them with each place setting – a fall bouquet placed next to the turkey themed napkins and paper plates. She was going to use the extra bag for a flower arranging activity following the luncheon.

We picked up our second bounty of flowers from store number 2 in Jenkintown and wondered where we should go. I had my list of elder places in my car. Just as we were considering our next stop, we passed a food pantry called Loaves and Fishes, lots of people lined up for food. We found a “home” for fifty bouquets. We went back to the store to get the overflow which did not fit in my car. All loaded up, now where? We passed a man getting out of his car. “Is there a senior center around here?”

He said,Yes, right across the street, at the church. They are over there now for a special meal for Thanksgiving.

He walked over with us. It turned out he was the pastor. He said the blessing and we passed out fifty bouquets. We couldn’t have planned it better.

So, in three hours – the people of a dementia care unit, a group of assisted living folks, people waiting in line for food, and fifty seniors at a church got flowers, and smiles and joy wrapped in pretty cellophane with heart patterns.

foodpantry1beverly clarebridgeclarebridgestaffclarebridgestaff2clarebridgestaff2

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