A Marine received flowers at the Toys for Tots donation box!

marine corp 3

We saw an elderly Marine, maybe a WW II or Korean War veteran carrying toys for the Toys for Tots box at a local gym. What a fine man and so proud with all kinds of patriotic pins on his hat and lots of flag and patriotic stickers on the front and rear windows of his car. Covering the front, back and side windows.

Once a Marine, always a Marine.

There are no ex-Marines.

Semper Fi.

Proud to be an American.

marine corp 2

I looked at Sonya and she looked at me. I hopped out of my car and thanked him for his service and asked if he knew some ladies that he would like to give bouquets of flowers to.

Oh my goodness, what did I do to deserve all of this? For starters, I can give these to all of the tellers at my bank. And I have other people who would love them too.

You served your country. Thank you. Semper Fi!

He put the toys down and placed nine bouquets into his car.

He was still talking to himself as he walked away. Smiling. Smiling. So happy for the random act of flowers that Trader Joe’s so generously donates each morning.

Boy oh boy. This is my lucky day. I know just where I am going to go with them.

I guess it is “Tis the season for holiday Toys for Tots and colorful flowers to honor a wonderful Marine….who is still serving….this time he is thinking of little kids and dolls, train sets, trucks and ballerina slippers….things that will make children smile on Christmas morning.

marine corp

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