Kindness goes ’round and ’round – flowers for someone who hit my car and more……

I was driving in Philadelphia and on my phone, on speakerphone, on my lap. Distracted maybe a little talking to Ryan about his Christmas tree. Had a lot on my mind with my mother’s health and was meeting a family member for an important appointment. Crash! As I turned, I knew that my car hit something. I pulled over and this very mean man’s face was glaring at me. His wife got out of the car. He looked at the spot that I had hit. He wiped the white paint from his car and said,”It’s okay. I can wipe it off.” I did the same and then I hugged him like he was a long -lost husband coming home from a war. I was crying and saying Thank you so much. Thank you so much. (I couldn’t have taken one more thing that day!) I also observed something. Maybe it was not my fault although in my mind, I was taking the blame. He was parked in a bus lane, much too close to the corner – illegally.

Maybe he did not have a license, or insurance or knew he was parked where he would have gotten a ticket parking. Maybe he was just a nice man.

I just kept saying “Thank you, God.” He never did look nice or kind or happy. Still looked a little mean but he said, “Are you okay? Are you sure you are okay?” A random act of kindness from him.

Yesterday, I was parked at the post office. A lady opened her passenger side door very quickly and banged my car door. She casually said “Sorry” and went into the post office. Her husband looked upset… he did not need anything else to go wrong in his day either. I knew exactly how he was probably feeling – like I was the day before.

I wiped the spot where their paint was on my car. And a little dent. My car is only a year old. I said, “It’s okay. Don’t worry about it.” Then, I looked in the back of my car and found a beautiful fall bouquet of gold and red flowers – perfect for a Thanksgiving table. I placed them on his windshield and said Happy Thanksgiving.

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