Today…..Tonight – a full flowery day!

Friends, families, employees, residents…….all loved receiving a random act of flowers today. Due to privacy issues we can only occasionally take photos of residents.1385753656329[1]<a

1385756781783[1]My friend Terri and I took 60 bouquets to Manor Care. I was expecting two other friends to help today but something came up at the last minute.

I put a quick post on FB asking if any of my local friends wanted to help me.

I immediately got a text from the parents of one of my daughter’s best friends.

We have an SUV. Do you need our help? Just tell us when and where to meet.

An hour later. Bill and Maureen joined us at the North Wales store.

Bill, Maureen, Terri and I loaded up their SUV and my car and we all went to Neshaminy Manor – gave away a couple of hundred plus bouquets of joy.

Then at 11 pm tonight, I gave 25 bouquets to the seniors leaving a VFW dance.

And for fun, I went to a Karaoke restaurant. I thought some of my friends would be there. I got there and did not know a soul.

As I was walking towards the restroom, a lady asked me, “Are you The Flower Lady? Do you remember me? You gave me flowers at Fox Chase Cancer Center on the day that I was celebrating being cancer-free.”

It was 11:25 pm, Friday night.

I knew that I still had a few bouquets on the backseat of my car. I went out to my car and grabbed the last few bouquets and returned.

I said, Here are a few flowers to put on your dining room table!

She looked shocked.

I guess it is finally time for The Flower Lady to let go for the night.

I went out to my car, stopped at WAWA for a soda and drove home.

350 flowers later. 350 people smiling, I hope.

Thank you, Trader Joe’s for sharing such a wonderful bounty with me today.

Thank you, dear friends, for your help today.

It was so much fun flowering with you.

I could never have done this without you!

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