Bill and Maureen came to the rescue…with their SUV and helping hands.

2013-11-29 14.39.28

Yesterday, when I arrived to pick up my flowers, I wondered how will I ever be able to deliver so many flowers. They had bags and bags of flowers in the store for me, and boxes and boxes in shopping carts back on the loading dock. .

I did not want to waste….or let any go to waste. I put a post on my Facebook page:

Local Friends,
If anyone wants to help me deliver flowers today, please give me a call, 267 939 0365 and you can join me and my friend Terri. My two out of state mother and daughter team had a change of plans so they will not be going with us. We are meeting at Trader Joe’s on Route 309 at 11:45 am across from The Olive Garden in the McDonald’s shopping center. We have so so many flowers.

Maureen sent me a text and said she had an SUV if that would help. And a helping husband who would like to assist her.

They reported for flower duty……and with their happy and loving personalities, they brought so much joy to the hundreds of people that we met. In just one hour, they passed out a couple of hundred bouquets.

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