What I heard ……at a nursing home.

True little stories of hope and inspiration from the people I met today at a nursing home:

Hey, Gal, I cannot hear you in that ear. That is my bad ear. I fell while carrying a machine gun when I was in the army – fighting in Guam. World War II. I never regained that hearing. That is why I am in this wheelchair. I broke my back during that fall and I have had pain ever since. I am 90-years-old. Thank you so much for these flowers.

Patricia, when they cut off my leg, I was really mad at God. Why would He do that to me – I am a good person. I would raise my fist up and scream at Him. I didn’t have diabetes. I had circulation problems and then they had to take my other leg too. I finally had to stop fussing with God and just let go and let God because He has a plan for my life that I cannot see.

Oh, I don’t know the last time I got flowers. Maybe I have never gotten them. That is why I can’t remember.

I am glad that you nudged me and woke me up. I would have been wondering why everybody had flowers instead of me.

Can I have some for my wife? Oh wait, she might think that I did something bad and that I am trying to make it up to her.

Do you have any more flowers. They make me feel merry and bright. You made my day. I want to drop them off to a friend’s mother on my way home.

My daughter will love these flowers. She stops in after work each day to check on me.

Hey Lady, you have the perfect job. Bringing fresh flowers to everybody. Next time, can you bring some cakes?

Thank you so much. Thank you so much. I love flowers. And I love you all for bringing them here for us. You really made my day. I used to do nice things for people all my life. That is the way my mother and father brought me up. It is better to give than to receive, they used to tell me. Now it is like someone is returning the favor to me. You are giving and you do not even know me. Oh my , just imagine that! All these flowers…..all these flowers.

I feel like doing a Happy Dance! Can you see this smile on my face? Nobody ever gave me flowers!

I wish I could bring my mother back to life. I wish she was still here with me.

I wish I could see again. I have “sugar problems – diabetes” – wish I could have a tray of warm cookies sitting on my lap and a big bowl of ice cream too. And I would like to drink lots of soda too.

Everyday, I make my own special concoction of animal food and I take it down the road to the woods back there. Since, I am in independent living, I have the freedom to do whatever I want. I saved my money when I worked so I could live here in my older years. I mix dog food, popcorn and some other things and I bring it down for the deer. I haven’t seen any today. I do this just like the mailman……in rain, and sleet and snow.

Patricia, what are you going to do when it snows. I bet you will come in saying “Let it snow flowers, instead of Happy Flower Day.”

And I just got this email from an old friend. I think I know the perfect prescription for her – going flowering with me some morning. Oh, what a pity that she lives so far away.

I don’t know about you but I am feeling so unsettled. I really HATE holidays.
It just stirs up memories and sadness. All that was and all that could have
been. Thoughts are all jumbled. One down and one more rotten one to go.


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