It is as “easy as pie” to bring flowers and smiles to seniors!

2013-12-02 13.27.57

2013-11-13 15.12.56

I think the best way to describe today is Fellowship with Flowers – 420 bouquets donated to me. I think that is the most yet. Monday mornings with flowers – what a great way to start my week!

A lady was walking out toward the parking lot. Slowly walking away from the building at Saint Joseph’s Manor. I handed her a bouquet of flowers. “My husband died three weeks ago at this nursing home. I am just here paying the final bills. I felt so sad leaving here knowing that he is not here for me to visit. Maybe he made these flowers the messenger that he is thinking of me. Can I have an extra one for my sister? I am going to visit her now in the hospital.”

Then I walked inside and asked to see the activity director. The receptionist called her and told her that “The Happy Flower Day Project” selected their facility to receive a sunshine gift of 60 bouquets of flowers. Not sure that is what I said but it sounded good to me and to Megan who happily took me from floor to floor and from office to office and to activity rooms to dining rooms. We passed out lots of roses, tulips, lilies and clematis. On a chilly Monday, they warmed lots of hearts. Sprouting smiles wherever we went.

Miss, your flowers are blooming love here. Where are they from? Oh my goodness. You mean everyone here is getting one. I cannot believe my eyes. Oh, Happy Day! The flowers are a slice of bright sunshine for me.

This is what I miss. Fresh flowers from my garden. We had an old porch swing where we would sway. I loved it on a rainy day. It seems like such an age ago. I loved my garden so much. I had green hedgerow, lilacs, hollyhocks and roses blooming and the fragrance you could smell from the driveway.


2013-12-02 11.09.47

Whenever I feel lonely, I am going to remember Happy Flower Day. My husband is in the hospital. I just live down the street from this senior center. Would you like to come to my house for a cup of tea and some butterscotch cookies? It is as easy as pie to find my house. I can give you directions now.

2013-12-02 11.17.002013-12-02 13.02.22

2013-12-02 13.08.04

2013-12-02 13.42.102013-12-02 13.17.332013-12-02 13.10.442013-12-02 13.42.41

On the road again with flowers. Off to Abington Hospital. Spoke to the administrative staff and they took 60 bouquets, not sure what unit would pass them out…..maybe one of the clergy or someone in the pastoral care office. They were so happy to be able to have them to pass out to those who needed a little cheer. In the age of technology, there is no App for that.

And at a senior living apartment community, I just went up and down the halls and placed a bouquet outside of 40 apartments where the independent folks lived.

And at a facility in Philadelphia, 200 people were surprised with comfort in the shape of a floral bouquet.

I had twenty bags of flowers today. Here is a picture of the first batch. Then back into the store for more carts.

2013-12-02 10.30.31

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