Yee-Ha! A Double Blessing with Flowers Today.

2013-12-02 11.16.44

Yes, a double blessing. A blessing for me and a blessing for the flower recipients. Staff, residents and family members.

2013-12-02 12.49.44

2013-12-02 12.49.04
2013-12-02 12.54.17

2013-12-02 11.17.09

2013-12-02 11.18.13

2013-12-02 11.20.522013-12-02 11.22.192013-12-02 11.23.192013-12-02 12.48.36

I woke up sad. But I knew that I had flowers waiting for me at two Trader Joe’s. My mother is very ill. The Hospice nurse was coming to talk to me at 3 pm about end of life issues.

I had to put on a happy face and a happy dress and as the commercial says, “It is time to make the doughnuts.” For me, “It was time to take the flowers.” I was a little teary driving along but when it was time to walk into the nursing home, I acted like I didn’t have a care in the world. And it worked. I love my Flower Work…..and it sure helped me today. Visiting lots of residents’ rooms, going on my flower route to four locations, passing out 420 bouquets lifted my spirits and gave me a heaven – scent mission today.

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