What happens when you bring 30 bouquets into Starbucks?

I was meeting my friend Cass and I had three bags of ten flowers left. I looked around the café and thought it would be nice to surprise all of the folks that were visiting with friends, working intently on their laptops, people sitting conducting a business meeting and others. I asked the young woman behind the counter who was dressed festively and wearing reindeer antlers if I could pass out flowers.

I went from table to table saying Happy Flower Day. Then I remembered that I had orchids and little plants in the trunk of my car. I had already taken 100 to a senior center in Jenkintown.

Had so many flowers today, I had to fill my car twice.

I needed to save two bags of 20 for a place that was expecting me a little later in the afternoon – my prudent reserve. They were on the back seat. (They asked me to put them in the BINGO room.)

I made an announcement to the Starbucks customers I had more in the trunk of my white car and they were free for the taking.

Stop by my car, the one with the trunk open, parked in spot number 3 and take some extras to share with your friends and co-workers.

Oh, wow, today is my anniversary.

Today is my mother’s birthday.

Can I trade the ones that you gave me for the orange flowers? I was supposed to stop and buy orange flowers for a co-worker.

Thank you so much. You just really perked this place up.

Where are they from? Who are you?

And then a man brought me a large hot chocolate and said thanks. I said, “Do you work here?

I am the district manager. Let’s take a picture and I will Tweet it out!”

Wish I knew more about Twitter so I could tweet out some neat pictures.

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