So where did I end up with the 35 bouquets tonight?

I was going to go to Philadelphia but the roads were too icy to make that kind of trip.

I was in the library and I thought I would give them to the very nice and helpful people who work there. As I went out to my car to get the bags of flowers, I passed them out to six people in the parking lot. A librarian told me that I could pass the bouquets out to the patrons. So I went from table to table and gave lots of people the surprise of a gift of flowers. Thank you, Trader Joe’s, for letting me be the Flower Ambassador of Bucks County.

2013-12-11 17.22.37

2013-12-11 17.26.152013-12-11 17.21.32

2013-12-11 17.24.00

2013-12-11 17.28.13

2013-12-11 17.27.00

2013-12-11 17.27.03

2013-12-11 17.28.252013-12-11 17.30.482013-12-11 17.28.31

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