I passed two restaurants, ….and yes, I just had to take surprise flowers in!

Sometimes, you inner compass gives you a message. “Someone in the restaurant needs a pick-me-up” bouquet. So I took 24 bouquets in and……passed them out to the people who worked there and the people who were eating there…..and even for the people who were just drinking there at the bar. Figured anybody drinking there may have some problems they may want to forget and maybe the flowers would brighten a day or two.
Then the restaurant manager told me that I could have anything on the menu……so I had a big bowl of piping hot vegetable soup and a cup of tea!
2013-12-12 12.31.07
2013-12-12 12.28.40

2013-12-12 12.28.21

2013-12-12 12.23.082013-12-12 12.23.022013-12-12 12.21.402013-12-12 12.20.49

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