“Don’t take my picture. I will break the camera.”

Just an impromptu delivery to a nursing home. I did not know how many flowers that I had. 2 shopping carts worth. I walked in and said to the receptionist, “I am with the Happy Flower Day Project. I have lots of beautiful bouquets. Do you think we could pass them out together?”

She sprang into action. She got on a PA system and announced, “It is Flower Day. Flowers for everybody in the dining room.”

She magically got a small flatbed cart. We went into a large dining room which at first glance, I estimated to be 20 tables with four people at each. Then a family visiting in the lobby area and another family in a small living room area. Then like a swarm of buzzing bees, five aides joined in as we passed out the flowers to everybody. I had just what I needed with six to spare which I nurse took to the second floor.

One lady said, “Can you take my picture with my flowers?”

Another said, “Don’t take my picture. I will break the camera.”

2013-12-21 16.09.38

2013-12-22 13.33.07href=”https://storiesforseniors.files.wordpress.com/2013/12/2013-12-22-13-38-13.jpg”&gt;2013-12-22 13.38.132013-12-22 13.42.322013-12-22 13.37.512013-12-22 13.37.282013-12-22 13.37.052013-12-22 13.36.28

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