Before the kiddies go to sleep on Christmas Eve …listen by the fire….new traditions

What started out as a make-believe story to entertain three children during a multihour car ride in the winter of 1996 has the potential of becoming as popular as “The Polar Express.”

The Gallagher family on that wintry evening created the holiday story “Christmas on Lindbergh Mountain — The Untold Story of Santa’s Magic on Christmas Eve.”

The fictional piece talks about a little girl and boy whose dad and mom did not have much money during the holiday season and could no longer live in their old house. They needed to move, relocating to a cold cabin on Lindbergh Mountain.

“This book shows families that are suffering in hard economic times but it also shows that even though they might not have much now, in a few years something magical could happen to them,” said co-author Katelyn Gallagher. “The book means there is hope through the hard times.”

The book was created one evening when Patricia Gallagher, then of Bucks County, and three of her children headed out of the house to allow her husband to assist their daughter with chemistry homework in a quiet setting.

The Gallaghers packed up the car and headed to Feeney’s Nursery on Bustleton Pike in Feasterville to see a Christmas display that the family found magical.

“We got back in the car and I looked at my watch, realizing I still needed to kill another hour, I started driving around and saw a road sign with the name Lindbergh on it,” Patricia Gallagher said.

It was then the mother of four started an elaborate story about a little girl and boy, referencing her youngest children, Ryan and Kristen, and their lives atop Lindbergh Mountain.

She continued her story throughout the rest of the car ride, using roads like Holly Hill Road where the Gallaghers lived.

You can download the story on the Itune link below for $1.99.

Fun and free downloads to do on Christmas Eve.

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