I asked the residents – a Christmas memory you will always remember

All of our toys and dolls disappeared two days before Christmas. My parents (Santa) could not afford to buy us anything new. So my mother washed all of the dolls’ clothes, washed the hair and added new ribbons or buttons to the dresses. My dad cleaned the toys and gave them a fresh coat of paint. And then all of our “new” presents were placed under the tree.

We lived in Germany during the war. On the third floor apartment, all cramped in there. We had a live tree that year and we decorated with candles and berries. And glittery big balls. The lights and the glitter looked so pretty at that terrible time.

It was during the depression and things were rationed. Our neighbor brought over her sugar so my mother could make Christmas cookies for our family.

I lived in Akron, Ohio. I read a novel as a kid and it was about someone who had an interesting life. I knew if I stayed in Cayugua Falls, I knew my life would not be too exciting. I studied hard and moved all over the world. I have celebrated Christmas in so many interesting countries.

I played the cello in lots of orchestras. I love classical music. I love playing for Christmas concerts.

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