‘Tis the season to pass out flowers at WAWA and senior apartments

It was starting to snow and I had 30 buds, blooms and potted greens wrapped in red foil paper – all in the back seat of my car. The snow was starting to lay on the ground and I thought it would be best to abandon the flower mission to be safe. So into WAWA I went and announced it was Happy Flower Day….free flowers for all customers and employees. And in about 4 minutes, they were all gone. Lots of surprised and happy people. I was all set to go home and then……

The snow stopped so off to my next Trader Joe’s for their flower donations. I passed a senior living apartment complex. I walked in and all around the first floor. A picture tells the story better than my words so……what do you think? Do you think the residents liked the flowers? And someone offered me a cup of tea so after a little refreshment, I was on my way.
60 people got a merry and festive surprise – a gift for all seasons.

I met this man who was delivering Meals on Wheels to the apartment dwellers. He took a bag of about 20 bouquets to give to people on his rounds.




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