Free hot chocolate and sandwiches…..and flowers?

I was driving down Broad Street on my way to the Kia dealer and I saw three ladies and two young girls manning a table by the curb that said FREE HOT CHOCOLATE AND SANDWICHES. It was a hand-lettered sign with the food set up on card tables. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches wrapped in little plastic lunch bags and thermoses of hot chocolate. There was an Episcopal Church right behind them. I stopped and said, “You made me smile just seeing this. Do you do this every week?”

Yes, these are my grandchildren. They wanted to help out. There are so many people who are hungry around here.”

I took a Styrofoam cup of hot chocolate, on this freezing cold Friday morning and then went back to give them some Team of Angels pins. And then I asked if they would like me to bring flowers and potted plants next Friday.

Oh, that would be simply wonderful. Then, after the folks leave, they will have a reminder to take with them that someone cares.

My mother is in hospice care at home right now. And I was feeling sad. When I saw your sign, I just had to get out of my car and tell you how nice it is what you are doing. It made me smile. I will be back next week with the flowers. Thank you.

“I work with hospice patients. I will keep your mother in my prayers.”

God sure works in mysterious ways.

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