I just picked up this letter at my PO Box. I needed it today.

example_for_my_best_friendI just picked up this letter at my PO Box. I needed some encouragement, joy and a little bright spot in my day today. I guess that is the way most people feel occasionally.


Dear Patricia,
Attached please find a copy of the letter that I sent to my three friends after I met you at WAWA. I think it is self-explanatory. Thank you. Bonnie

Dear Friends,
I had an experience to share with each of you. When I was getting my lunch at WAWA, I noticed a lady across the store with a very interesting jacket. I felt compelled to tell her how much I liked it. She quietly thanked me and told me she got it at a thrift store. We smiled at each other and started to go out separate ways. Then, she stopped and came back to me to thank me for giving her a minute of joy, as her mother was in hospice care and she did not have many minutes of joy in her life right now.

All of a sudden, out of nowhere, my eyes welled up with tears and I blurted out that my best friend had passed away 3 weeks before. Before, I could stop her, she took off a “beautiful band of angels pin” and gave it to me. I can’t tell you the sense of calm and peace that came over me. She said that this pin is to keep as long as you need it and then to pass it on to someone else who needs it more than you do. And then she asked me to wait because she had some bookmarks in her car. She came back with three Team of Angels pins with three different bookmarks for different situations.

I thanked her, gave her a hug and walked out to my car and sat there and read all three poems on the bookmarks and thought of each of the three of you. I hope that these angels help each of you because remember sometimes one angel is not alone and one angel may not be enough!


protect loved one bookmark

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