Flowers for the snow plow guys and shovelers!

I was cutting though a development today taking a little shortcut and avoiding some traffic on Route 309 and came upon seven men working on snow removal. I put my car blinkers on, grabbed two big plastic bags of flowers from the back seat and in my best attempt at Spanish told them that I had some extra flowers left over from a project.

Yep, I guess that is what random acts of flowering is all about.
And then I took some to a church and to a friend who has cancer. Oh, and also to an assisted living facility in North Wales.

And to an elderly man out getting his mail at his mailbox as I passed by. “Sir, would you like a free bouquet of flowers?”

80 flowers. 80 smiles. 80 feelings of love and warmth on a freezing cold Saturday afternoon.

I think flowers make the world a happier place. I am smiling more. Laughing harder and happier inside…..since I began the Happy Flower Day Project. I love rescuing the flowers and giving them to the seniors who have so much wisdom to share with me. It is definitely a job worth keeping. (Volunteer job, that is!)

Thank you, Trader Joe’s, for donating them to me and letting me be The Flower Lady!

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