To a church and then to Mother Teresa’s Homeless Shelter

It was just a random thought to take the flowers to a trash collection company where they dispatch all of the big trucks that do the work that most people would not want to do. Collect trash in all kinds of weather, hanging and jumping from the side of a truck all day. Not a lot of fun or prestige. I first thought of it last week, when I was passing out flowers in a medium-size city. I was passing the flowers out at a Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald’s restaurant and to people walking and going about their business. When I offered a bouquet to a young man, he declined politely. “I am on work-release and going back to jail now.”

So I took my flowers and went in search of the place that hires people who may have difficulty finding employment. The man that I spoke to at the trash company was not the warm and fuzzy type, although polite to me. “I don’t know about this idea. Maybe you could take them to our corporate office.” I really wanted to give them to the men on the street – maybe the flowers would just do “something” for their spirit that day.

I drove a short distance and saw a church which operated a day care center. I walked in with 40 bouquets. The outreach minister was thrilled to have them and planned to give them to the parents and the teachers in the child care center.


I saw the Mother Teresa homeless shelter. Rang the doorbell and left 20 little plants.


And then I called it a day. I still want to give them to the men who collect our trash. Anonymously. Not give my name. Nor a business card. Just a message like “Please let the fellows know that the community appreciates the hard work that they do…….and that I wish them all of the best as they move forward in their lives.” (I really want to add “Everybody makes mistakes. I know that everybody has a story behind how they ended up in jail. Sometimes those early years were not like the Ozzie and Harriet and Leave It to Beaver shows. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you. The flowers are a symbol that you are beautiful inside and no one is all good or all bad.”

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