She said, “I needed these. My husband has bone cancer.”

Just random acts of flowering today. I had so many to pick up that I could not fit them in my car. It broke my heart not to be able to take the last 40 bouquets. My mother is in hospice care at home and that is where I need and want to be.

1.WAWA parking lot and store for employees and customers. 40 bouquets.
2.Assisted living facility on Horsham Road. Passed out to 35 residents who were in the dining room.
3.Took 20 bouquets of joy to another facility on Horsham Road. For the staff and residents.
4. To a mail lady.
5. Two men in a truck at Lukoil gas station. A whole bag.
6. To a man delivering prescriptions from a local pharmacy.

Mission accomplished.

Just thinking of some of the things that people said today.

Today is my birthday.
My husband has bone cancer. He is only 62. My sons are doctors.
Boy, what is the occasion?
You made my day.
Who should I thank for these?
Who are you? Do you own a floral shop?

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