He took 2 bouquets. I asked if he wanted the whole bag.

I have never felt this way – why couldn’t I get out of my car to bring in the flowers?

I wanted to pick up the donated flowers. I got a late start – and finally picked them up at 3 pm. Then, I drove to Norristown with a place in mind to deliver them. I had a time constraint. I had to be back home by 4:30 pm. It was cold, slushy and gloomy.

I know days like that are probably gloomy for the people in nursing homes too. But today, I just did not have the energy or spirit to go in and cheer someone up. I think I needed cheering up myself. With my mother in hospice care at home…….well, I know you understand my sadness.

I looked at the AM PM Mini-Mart – at the young man walking though the door. I asked if he wanted some flowers for his house. People are always shocked when I tell them that I am not selling them. I tell them that it is HAPPY FLOWER DAY – an occasion that only I know about because I made it up!

Wow, yes. They will really make my house smell good.

He took three bouquets. I asked if he wanted the whole bag.

Then I walked towards the people at the counter and asked the same question. Bag number 2 went there.

“We can pass them out to our customers tonight.”

As I drove down Route 202, I stopped in to the $1.99 dry cleaning place. Two of the employees were wearing my Team of Angels pins.


I passed the gorgeous flowers out to a customer and left the remaining 15 bouquets with the gals at the counter. I saw them excitedly going through the bag as I left the store.

I just couldn’t visit a care facility today. I think I was led to other people who needed flowers.

As I think about some of the comments that I have heard this week, I have no doubt that the flowers reach the people who really need a sign of comfort.

My daughter passed away. I have been asking for a sign. She always loved pink roses and look what you gave me.
Are you The Flower Lady? Someone gave my mother flowers at Lafayette Redeemer. Was that you?
My husband doesn’t recognize me anymore when I go to visit him. I was feeling so bad. I am going to go home and put these in a pretty vase.

As I pulled into my driveway, I glanced to the back of my car. I saw 7 bouquets of tiny red, pink, yellow and peach-colored roses, laying in a white bag on the floor of my car. I put them in little red containers on my mother’s coffee table. I was so happy that she said, “They are so pretty.”

Yep, I am sure, the right people got the flowers today.

2013-12-05 11.22.13

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