From a mother who helped with her kiddies


We are more than happy to help! It’s so important for young people to connect with and show love to their ‘elders’…a notion that never should age. Children are naturals at making others smile – and they LOVE to share their joy!

I had volunteered in a nursing home in Bucks County (Neshaminy Manor) as a young teen, helping to feed lunch to those who could no longer feed themselves. What a humbling, eye opening experience. The woman with whom I’d become the closest used to be a brain surgeon – but after a severe stroke, was confined to a bed, without the use of her limbs. While I offered her only my pity and help, she offered me true friendship – though I was 13 and she was 60. Her mind and soul and humanity were intact – and she showed me how valuable a life can be – limbs functioning or not. It breaks my heart to think of people, just like me (only fast forward 30 years or so!), that just need a touch of kindness….Trisha, YOU are that kindness!!!!! THANK YOU!

Your post is very special to me – thank you. Missing my mom, but so glad that her heart lives on….

One thought on “From a mother who helped with her kiddies

  1. Trisha – I was JUST thinking that I wanted to write to you, check in and see how you are doing, after I’d seen your recent post about visiting Neshaminy Manor. And as I’m reading this post, I’m thinking….hmm….sounds exactly like something I would write about my experience there. OH YEAH – it IS my writing that I’d forgotten about writing! My brain must be mushy… But my heart says the same thing today – you are very special, and YOU are the kindness that all of these people need. I know that your heart is heavy right now, with worry about Mom…I am praying for you. Sending love, too 🙂 Kristen

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