My favorite place so far to bring the flowers. Outside a courtroom.

I think I found the place where the spirits were at all time lows and the flowers seemed to transform the sad energy. Where? In a Philadelphia area court. Yes, people coming out of court. Sad families. Mad families. People paying fines and bail. People who were overwhelmed by some life circumstances. People who looked like they needed a break. People who looked like they could not take one more thing to go wrong in their life. People who were at the end of their rope with red tape, bureaucratic procedures that were frustrating and at times impossible to figure out…..out of work people, out of luck people, and just 45 human beings that needed something nice to happen to them on Friday. I am so glad that I happened upon the idea to go there. Of course, I could not take pictures there but……I hope you can picture what the flowers looked like and what they might have meant to people who had lost hope in themselves, the system…….and felt like they had no more lucky stars to hang on to.

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