“Am I making too much of the Flower Project?” I wondered.

Took 85 flowers to a senior living community – blooms of joy for folks in the rehab, assisted living and the memory care units. On to a 7-11 and passed out to surprised customers and employees. A police officer declined the offer of a free bouquet. Might be construed as a bribe or something. I stopped at a mini-mart where I had been last week and the lady at the register pointed to the yellow flowers in a vase on the windowsill. “The flowers that you gave me last week still look so pretty.” I went to a local fire department and passed them out. It was now 5:30 pm. I had been on the flowering road since noon. I remembered that I still had some flowers to pick up at the North Wales store. Three bags.

Am I making too much of this flower project, I wondered.

I didn’t want to waste the flowers. I went to an upscale place near my house. The receptionist loved them. One for her and one for her to give to a lady in hospice care there. Then a young activity aide joined me as we went to the BINGO room. I made a little announcement that everybody was getting a prize tonight – not just if you win BINGO. We sang a few songs and then on to the dining room and to the people on the elevator. And gave them to all of the nurses, aides and dining room staff.

A man walked in to the lobby reception desk. Very sad and pained expression on his face. His wife had even called the receptionist to tell her that he was on his way and very down in spirit.

As he walked in, and towards his mother’s room, I heard three different employees say to him, “Mike, I just took your mother a beautiful bouquet of flowers.”

Guess, I was meant to go there tonight.

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