The splendor of flowers today!

Where oh where did the beautiful bouquets of flowers go today?

Just random acts of pretty flowers given to the employees of a Dollar Tree. To a church group. To a young man at the gas station who pumped my gas. To brighten my mother’s coffee table. To the employees and customers at a thrift shop.

I am going to give these to my mother. She is coming home from a vacation in Colorado. I am going to put them on the kitchen table and she will think it is a Welcome Home from Vacation, Mom bouquet.

I saw the cashier at the Dollar Tree wearing my Team of Angels pin.

example_for_the_overwhelmed I stopped to talk to her about where she got it. Then, I thought of the bouquets.

Oh my golly. Hey, co-workers, we are all getting a free bouquet. This is our lucky day. Wow, why do you have all of these?

I was in the thrift shop hoping to find a pair of warm gloves. I heard somebody up in the front talking about a KIA. So the flowers went to the good Samaritan and everyone else in the store too.

I have a KIA. Did I leave my lights on?

No, somebody lost their set of keys. It looks like it is a KIA key. Somebody just found a set of keys out in the snow. In another minute, they would have been covered with snow.

It is so nice to have lots of bunches of flower gifts on hand………to give to people on buses, hospital hallways, the courthouse, playgrounds, thrift shops, nursing homes, people standing at major intersections, an attendant’s booth at a parking lot, people at BP gas stations, …… a little thing to pass out on city streets and snowy roads.

I seem to meet people every day who need a little lift. I never have a plan as to where they should go. I guess it is just a little divine intervention.

I like being The Flower Lady. Just one person offering another person hope and good cheer. Thank you to Trader Joe’s for the opportunity to HAVE A VOLUNTEER JOB worth keeping!

Yesterday, I got a request from someone to take bouquets to the SPCA employees and volunteers in Lower Bucks……from a lady who said they helped heal her cat!

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