Feel – Good Technique – 8 minutes

On Sunday, I only had a short period of time to do my “flowering.” I left church, drove 25 minutes to pick up the flowers, smiled at the four big bags waiting for me at Trader Joe’s……and knew I had to be at the train station to pick up my daughter at 1:22 pm. I knew I had to find a quick route to deliver 60 bouquets of happiness.

And so in I went to a lovely assisted living where I had visited twice before. The receptionist recognized me from earlier visits and gave me the okay to go into the dining room to pass out the flowers.

What could happen in the 8 minutes that I had to spare?

Joy, Joy, Joy on the faces of the ladies and four men.

I asked if they could use the remaining bags of flowers in my car and with glee, one of the nurses went out to the car with me.

This was flowering made easy. I was in and out. Had the pleasure of seeing smiles on lots of faces. And I knew that the bags of “get-happy quickly” flowers were in very capable and enthusiastic hands. The young woman practically ran back in because she wanted to give them to everybody on the second floor.

Flowers are a very natural “calm -balm.” Proven to lessen anxiety and the number one feel good “chill pill” for me.

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