At the corner of Broad and Olney

CAM01239What happens when you pull your car up to the corner of Broad and Olney, get out to put money in the parking meter (broken and cannot put money in) and the temperature is close to 0 and people are shuffling and waiting for buses………and it is Monday about 2 pm and you start passing out bouquets of bright and beautiful flowers?

I wish you could have been there.

Miss, can I have the box?

Don’t you want the flowers too?

Yeah, them too. But I really need the box.

I realized that he seemed to be a homeless fellow and that the box was probably part of his shelter. Part of his warmth strategy.

I passed out little plants. Bouquets of flowers. 28 in all. Men got them for their mothers and girlfriends.

How did you know that I am trouble at home with my mother? This might soften her up.
Man, my girlfriend is not happy with me now. Wait until I take these to her. I might be out of the doghouse!

Ladies got a bright pick-me-up to put on their kitchen tables.

I was having a really bad day today. Thank you.

It is my daughter-in-law’s birthday. I was just on my way to buy her a present and here it is……the perfect present to give her. How much do you think these would cost in the store? I usually spend 10 to 15 dollars on her.

I got the fun of seeing people so surprised and happy. Just another Win-Win-Win Monday!

And I got back in my car before the meter maid had time to give me a parking ticket for not having money in the meter.

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