Thought people in doctor’s office needed flowers, and crossing guard too.

2014-01-29 15.31.402014-01-29 15.37.27Today’s Flower Ramblings:

I parked my car, asked the school crossing guard if she would like flowers, and also offered her six extra bouquets to share with the parents waiting for their kids.

I noticed a medical building and figured that people in a doctor’s office might have a little anxiety…..maybe the surprise gift of flowers would calm nerves or maybe offer a little subliminal message of “You will be fine.” So that is what I did in Philadelphia today. 28 bouquets. I left a bag of extra bouquets in the waiting room. 10 beautiful bouquets ready to “gift” someone coming in for their appointment.

I just never know where I am going to end up!

It makes me happy to see so many people smile when they receive a free bouquet….just because!

2014-01-29 15.31.582014-01-29 15.32.092014-01-29 15.32.262014-01-29 15.32.362014-01-29 15.32.572014-01-29 15.33.582014-01-29 15.34.022014-01-29 15.34.18

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