“I just came from a round of chemo,” she said.

I think the recipients are divinely appointed. Here are a few of the comments that I heard as I gave strangers a beautiful bouquet of flowers – just random acts of passing out petals and blooms!

Whoa! I was asking God for a sign from heaven that I would feel better. I just came from a round of chemo and was feeling nauseous.

It is my birthday tomorrow. An early present. Thanks so much

I am going to take these to my sister. She has been looking for a part-time job and has not had any luck.

I am retired and don’t like it. I think I made a mistake about quitting. That is why I am just sitting here alone. Just trying to think things through. This bouquet feels like getting good news!

I am packing up to move to Missouri and I am so stressed out.

My son just got out of surgery. I am going to visit him now.

I just had breast cancer surgery last month. Have been feeling tired and depressed since then. I don’t have any family on the east coast.

I am a Pastor. I have lots of people to give these to.

I am trying to be brave for my children but my spirit is low. You picked me up with the flowers. I have had three mini-strokes.

I am giving thanks to Trader Joe’s for giving me the opportunity to be the Flower Lady!

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