Today I took the flowers to Jiffy Lube. Yes, the place that changes your oil.

It was a little slippery out on the roads today. I just picked up 25 bouquets and went to Jiffy Lube to get my oil changed. Perfect place to offer flowers to the manager, to the people in the waiting area, and to five young men working in the service bay.

Oh, my daughters will love these flowers. Thank you so much.

OMG, you are going to make me popular with the ladies. I have a few girlfriends and they will love these.

I am going to give these to my mom.

Thank you so much. We can take them to our aunt now. She will love these.

So everybody got three bouquets and then the young man with all of the girlfriends got the bag with the remaining flowers.

If you leave the rest with me, I can pass them out to the customers who come through here today.

You see, you cannot plan Flower deliveries. Random acts of flowering just seem to happen.

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