My prayer for The Happy Flower Day Project

Yesterday was another glorious day of passing out flowers to nursing home residents. I passed out a page with the lyrics to the song Unforgettable sung by Nat King Cole. A group of 20 seniors sitting in wheelchairs in a dining room – waiting for their lunch to be served. I started a conversation about who was unforgettable in their life and then talked about some famous people who were unforgettable to the world such as MLK, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela. Leonard started singing the words, first very softly and then with gusto. It was beautiful. He was beautiful. He was singing with such feeling and love – he was singing it in his heart TO SOMEONE that he loved. To his wife who was no longer with him.

I had so many flowers that each person had several bouquets to take back to their rooms. Since May 20, more than 11,000 people have received the surprise gift of a bouquet of blooms. How can I continue to do this? Only the One who gave me the divine inspiration eight months ago knows the Divine Plan for the Happy Flower Day project. I am praying for an angel to help me with the expenses to continue to do this.



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